Friday, December 16, 2011

Surgery for Andrew

We woke early in the morning to get to the hospital. Here is Andrew with his new hair cut watiting to go into surgery.

Poor guy is still trying to wake up from anethesia. He woke up, talked to us, cried for a minute and then fell asleep again. His nurse told him that he did better than many adults having surgery- he was so brave.
The earmuffs are to protect the ears from being bumped during the first days after surgery. Scott and I took turns watching him all night to make sure that he didn't take them off. Those were very long nights! (I was able to catch up on some movies I wanted to watch)

After wearing the earmuffs for awhile, Andrew began wearing a band that fit semi-tightly around his head. He was back to himself making his airplanes and other art projects remarkably fast!

Here he is at one month.  His ears look great.  He still has a little swelling in the back with some stitches, but they're almost all absorbed.

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