Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

We have been very blessed this Christmas spending it with Grandma and Grandpa Tuck and Uncle Brandon, Aunt Amy and Lawson, Mallory, Miranda and Evelyn. The weather was very white and beautiful for the visit. We celebrated the season and family togetherness by playing in the snow, seeing "We Bought A Zoo", attending church services, and playing games--oh, can't forget opening presents. Santa was very good to us this year, we must have ALL been on the nice list.

You'll shoot your eye out!

Christmas PJs! Lawson, Evelyn, Mallory, Miranda, Sloane, Sydney
and Andrew above all comfy and ready to watch Mr Krueger's Christmas on Christmas Eve. I can't begin to say how wonderful this Christmas was with family visiting.

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Brandon said...

And the Tiptons were wonderful hosts. The kids loved makings now forts and sledding with Uncle Scott. Evelyn and Miranda loved Gracie and Charo (sorry, JoJo). The nerf-gun wars were very fun, and you likely won't find a third of the nerf bullets until you move out of the house. And we can't end without mentioning the great turkey, breakfast sausage pizza, hot chocolate, raspberry pretzel jello, Chinese food, and neverending piles of candy.