Sunday, June 26, 2011

Special Family Night Meeting at Tuck Family Reunion

Joseph playing the piano for us. He's a genious with the piano and was forced to listen to me with my simple planking.

The family as we began to gather toether for our family/talent night.

Elizabeth showing us how limber she is!

One night of our stay in Round Rock TX, my mom and dad called a special family night. They talked about the importance of family and how we are all connected thru the generations. They presented each family with a binder of family pictures that were recently gathered. There were some pictures of people that had special meaning to me as we (Sydney, Scott and I) have done some temple work for them. So good to see faces matched up to names.
This binder is a prized possession of mine, I feel very connected to my ancestors. I've thought about them often.
Also that night we have a family talent show with each family showing off their unique talents with us. It was very fun and full of laughter.

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