Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our Garden Harvest

Here's the end product. Carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and watermelon. We decided to dehydrate some watermelon and see what it does. It dryed nicely and has a taffy-like consistency.
We canned all the good stuff while watching General Conference

We can hardly believe all the carrots that we grew. Never have we been successful with carrots!

These are the tomatoes from just today, we've been picking and eating all season. There are a ton more that are not quite ready.

The watermelons that Andrew has were not part of our garden, per se. We had a patch of sunflowers that were basically weeds. When Scott went to cut it down, he saw that watermelons were growing inside.

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Brandon said...

That is a shocking volume of carrots. And Jamie, you remind me so much of Mom. What a fun way to spend while listening to General Conference: how can one feel too guilty about one's shortcomings if one is canning while listening to the prophets? Good for you guys.