Monday, August 23, 2010

Blackberry Picking!!

Emilee, Sloane, Andrew and Hunter posing in front of the cabin. Andrew and Hunter in the creekbed with blackberries growing.

Scott Hastings, Emille, Heidi, Sloane, Andrew and Jamie making s'mores by the fire.

Andrew playing in the rocks, he couldn't resist climbing over all the rocks!

Heidi Hastings and Jamie picking berries to their heart's content.

Blackberry Picking!

We went on a short overnight trip to Pine with the Hastings family to pick wild blackberries.

We stayed in a quaint cabin that had a creek running behind it with tons of blackberry bushes. It was really fun, we got all scratched up, bitten up by mosquitos and sweated up due to the HOT weather.

Nevertheless, we came home with yummy blackberries that were promptly made into jam, cobbler and frozen for smoothies. I was seeing $ in my mind as we picked--blackberries are so expensive in the store!

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Tipton said...

I need blackberries. Now.