Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cousins visiting!

My brother Brandon's wife drove through our area on her way to a family reunion in WA. Brandon stayed home in Houston to study for the bar.
We were able to visit with Amy Tuck, her twin sister Annie. Her children, my neices and nephew are: Evelyn in the top picture, Mallory and Lawson are in the lower picture along with Amy. Miranda is not pictured here, but she is an adorable little 3-4yr old.
I loved their visit. I hadn't ever met Miranda or baby Evelyn, and also Annie. Mallory and Sloane were inseparable. The kids were so cute and very well behaved. Bravo Brandon and Amy!

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Brandon said...

Thanks, Jamie! Amy and the kids loved their time their. Lawson really liked Sydney, and Mallory raved about playing around with Sloane. They also liked their milking adventure. As always, you are always such a wonderful host. Hope I get to be a part of it next time.